I got tired of not having any artistic license with this blog platform (or restricted, at least). So I moved over to DreamHost, where I can edit all my PHP, CSS, and experiment with design (plus I get my own email addresses). I will not be posting any more on this site. I have moved all old posts over to the new site, yet will leave this one open, as this one is in the search engines.

Once I finish my other site’s design, I will push to to search engines, and remove this one. Please be patient because while I am enthusiastic about design, I am not terribly great at it- so it might be a little while.

You can access the other site:


And you can check out some of my random CCS work at http://smartbserver.net/blog/home.php

The home page is not navigable from inside the site, but might replace my welcome page eventually.

Email me at Chris.Dill@SmartBServer.Net