Credit to Lupis Labs for creating such an awsome addicting tower defense game.

And thanks to AndroidAndMe for letting me use this picture:

Robo Defense

Robo Defense

So I have been playing Robo Defense for a while now. Great game- the best, actually. I had tens of hours put into upgrading weapons, so that I could survive level 40-60. Then I decided to root my phone, and destroyed the game. Back to zero.

Rather than play the game back up spending more time getting back to where I was, I decided to investigate a bit. when you install the game it creates a file named robo_defense_full.bak on your sd card- not in a folder. So I pulled that file to my computer and set about exploring. I tried to open it in a variety of programs, to no result. I then opened it in a Hex Editor named XVI32. It’s freeware, and located here.

I copied the robo_defense_full.bak into an email using Touchdown (you can also transfer it via USB, but I didn’t have a cable with me), and sent myself a copy. I downloaded the backup file to my computer, and opened VXI32. I then selected Open, and clicked on the backup file.

Voila! I saw some familiar items- names that I recognized from the game.



I spent the next several hours attempting to edit this file, each time saving it from VXI32, and then copying it to my phone. I finally figured it out, but rather than tell you how I figured it out, I’ll just tell you how to do it.

Open robo_defense_full.bak in VXI.

Look at the text in the right window.

Right Window

Right Window

Look for phrases. You will see some like this:

ADAchievement:Complete Any Mapw

ADReward:Health Rewardw, and many more.

After each string is a black square with a circle in it. Then three blank spaces, then an upside down L. then three blank spaces, and one character that can be many different shapes. Then lastly a t.

The space we will be working with is the space directly before the lower case t.



This particular before-t-character comes after the ADReward: Longer Flame Burnw. Editing this space will change the LEVEL of my flame burn upgrade. You may notice that there are not a lot of rewards listed: they do not exist until you upgrade them to level two.

Anyhow, you need to change the hex number to something that translates into a decimal. So go to this website, and enter the number 14 in the HEX value window. You will see the decimal of 20 displayed underneath.

Hex to Decimal

Hex to Decimal

You can change the hex number to change the decimal number to whatever you want. We will stay with 14.

Go back to XVI, and put your cursor over the space before the lower case t. You will see a corresponding space in the left window highlight. To double-check the lower case t equals 74 in the left window, so your cursor should be next to the number 74 on the left.

Now click on the number in the left window, in the space before 74. Enter the HEX number of 14.

Save the file. Go to your phone, uninstall Robo Defense. Go to your SDCard with a file browser, and delete robo_defense_full.bak.

Reinstall Robo Defense from the market. Open the game once- and check to make sure you are at level 1 for every upgrade with no points. Exit the game.

Transfer your modified robo_defense_full.bak file and replace the one there- either by USB or email or bluetooth.

Re-open the game and you will see your Flame Burn Duration at level 20.

The problem with this is that you must upgrade each item once before you can edit it. So I thought I would mess around with the points, which would let me buy one upgrade of each item. then I would edit it one more time, and increase all the items to what they were before I erased my phone.

To edit your Score/Points:

Locate the string in the right window: ADReward Pointsw………

Find the lower case t following the string. Click on the t, and you will see the left window number 74 highlighted. The three spaces before the 74 in the LEFT window are your points. You can’t enter any number here, it has to work with hexadecimal. Go back to our conversion website, and mess around with numbers untill you find a point value that suits you.

If you do not know what to put in, switch numbers out using the existing numbers from the left window as a guide. If you don’t see it there, don’t use it. There are no 11’s, so I did not try 11. I put 60 in the second block, and then AA in the third, which gives me a score of 24746. This was too low. Lets go for a million.

Edit Score

Edit Score

Try 1D60AA, which gives you 1 mill, 900 thousand points. Save, rinse, repeat. You now have enough points to buy an upgrade for each item, then edit and increase the level for each. You can continue to explore- I did not have the time to figure out how to add achievements, etc.

As Requested, here is my own robo_defense_full.bak.

Download robo_defense_full.bak from 

  • 1739476 Reward Points.
  • Stronger Bullets: 23
  • Stronger Explosives: 23
  • Faster Rocket Reload: 26
  • Faster Antiair Reload: 25
  • Faster Artillery Reload: 23
  • Longer Flame Burn: 23
  • Longer Slowdown: 23
  • Health Reward: 29
  • Starting Cash Reward: 27
  • Unlock Teleport and Mine Towers: Unlocked

As a warning, with these stats the game is easy. I can beat up to level 90 without losing life, and level 100 a few get through. don’t ruin the game for yourself!