Running the Exchange 2007 BPA today brought back a few errors, let’s go about setting them right. the first is Max Database Cache Size.

Exchange BPA Warning

Exchange BPA Warning

As you can see there are other errors, for other posts. So, if you click the Tell me more about this link, it takes you to the MS Technet post here. They ramble on and on describing the problem and defaults, etc. Forget that, let’s just fix it (though I of course read it all).

MS Technet says “To better allow for cache growth, we recommend that the DatabaseMaxCacheSize value be increased from 128 MB to 512 MB on transport servers that have 4 GB or more of RAM.”

Well, I have 8 GB of RAM, and though I do not experience heavy message loads, I feel like the cache size should be higher than a low 128Mb (134 really).

MS Technet then says “To improve performance by using version buckets and to allow for increased database cache growth, increase the DatabaseMaxCacheSize value from 128 MB to 512 MB on Hub Transport or Edge Transport servers that have 4 GB or more of RAM.”

We will start by editing an Exchange config file with a value for DatabaseMaxCacheSize.

Start>Run and enter %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin

Find the file EdgeTransport.exe.config and right click it, selecting edit (Use Notepad). If Edit is not an option, click Open With and select Notepad.

NOTE: I like to backup all system files before I edit them. I have a spceial folder that I keep edited files in case I need them. In this case, I copy EdgeTransport.exe.config and place it in my backup folder (removable HDD) and add .old to it.

On the page displayed, about half way down is a line:     <add key=”DatabaseMaxCacheSize” value=”134217728″ />

This is our value. Replace the 134217728 with 536870912.

Exit the EdgeTransport.exe.config and make sure you save it on the way out.

MS Technet then tells us to stop the Exchange Transport service and restart it by using a command prompt and net stop msexchangetransport && net start msexchangetransport

I would rather do the GUI, so I click Start>Run and type in Services.msc

Right click Microsoft Exchange Transport and click Restart.

Restart Transport

Restart Transport

Thats it. Rerun the BPA and the warning is gone.

If you notice stability issues with Exchange, revert this setting back to the old setting by editing, or restore the .old file.