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Now with HTML5 support! Woooo, I love upgrades to products. Until I started working as an admin, I HATED IE. Prone to closing, errors, virus popups- this was the cause of several of my operating system formats. I was always a Firefox guy. Then when I started administrating, I quickly realized that I had to change and use IE. It is so integrated with Microsoft’s other products that a few of them won’t work without it. Plus the domain support offered is for IE, nothing else.
So I learned, and quickly came to the conclusion that it IS a good browser, set up right. It WAS not good, because I probably did not have it setup.
Anyhow, I stumbled across IE9 Beta download- I am sure most of you have known about it for months, but I have not. I am excited to test drive it- I’ll walk you through the installation, a little bit of browsing, and some HTML5 now.
IE9 Beta
Go to this page, and click the Beta icon in the right hand corner.
After the install, you will need to reboot. Then configure updates. So I double click the IE icon. The browser takes about 25 seconds to open, compared to 5. I understand the computer just booted up, and it was a Beta first time opening- so I am not worried about this. the second thing I notice is the changes to the top bar- epic!


Internet Explorer 9 Beta Bar

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Bar


It looks sweet. Minimal, slim, sexy. the address bar is now a search box as well- as if the old one wasn’t? I can foresee difficulty explaining this to my staff, one of which once questioned me on where the @ symbol on the keyboard was, and how to produce it. I then noticed the tab bar, which is to the right of the address bar. Strange, doesn’t seem like a ton of room.
Well, lets open a ton of tabs and see how it is handled.


Many IE9 Tabs Open

Many IE9 Tabs Open


They all get tiny and cram in. Ehhh, not a fan, personally. When you open a new tab the default page is recently viewed web sites, like in google Chrome- this is a neat feature, as I go to the same web sites every day.
At this time notice the tooltips- when you mouseover a link it displays a very minimal tooltip in the opposite lower corner- that’s nifty. downloads are also displayed in a rectangle that appers at the bottom of the screen, asking you to open, save, or cancel. A nice improvement over the old school IE dialog box, which has been around for years and years. Download Statusbar anyone?
I noticed a flicker- i am sure this is a combination of Windows 7, my software, and the fact that IE9 is in Beta. But the flicker got really annoying. I recorded the tooltip, and moved my mouse around- if you watch you will see the flicker i was talking about. It is way worse when I was not recording, flickering every half second- but subsided when recording, and while typing.
At second thought, it is NOT IE9 flickering, but my laptop. I checked it on my other laptop (Windows 7) and my desktop (Windows XP) and there was no flicker. Crap- laptop troubles. Ill blog about that later.
I had a problem with some java web content- namely Photobucket.com’s upload video box was having script errors and wouldn’t load. Then wham- a banner on photbucket expanded! no frame, no window- the add EXPANDED. REALLY NEAT. Though this is a first time opinion, after having expanding adds all over the place I am sure it might get annoying- though clicking close or anywhere off the add minimizes it.
I LOVE the minimalistic theme. Tons of screen space for pages.
Now, onto some of the features of the Beta. this is their “Demo” page, showing off some features. they are really cool.
Beauty of the Web, IE9
First off, they display dynamic content. you click on a link, and windows flip off the page, and the link expands into a windows. VERY fluid, fast. They also have a FPS meter. I’m hitting 25 with the fish screen saver, which displays very graphical fish on your browser window. they also have a cursor trail, which puts color blotches that expand on the background of the web page- behind the content. Neat. Let me get a video of it.
Showing all the features, for the most part.
All in all, I would rate IE9 as a thumbs up. Fast, sleek, graphically amazing. Can’t wait for the release.
UPDATE: As I was finishing this post, the screen went black. I saw a popup about my display driver restarting. Flicker, flicker… BSOD! Here is the recovery error code.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
OS Version:    6.1.7600.
Locale ID:    1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode:    116
BCP1:    880DB510
BCP2:    90E399B0
BCP3:    00000000
BCP4:    0000000D
OS Version:    6_1_7600
Service Pack:    0_0
Product:    768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Adys Lynn\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-64802-0.sysdata.xml

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