So you create a survey on Sharepoint, and sent out an email to all users. After a week only 5 people have taken it. This is because getting users to do something as simple as a survey if they feel it is not necessary can often be difficult. I will describe a simple way to make the survey much more noticeable, and then describe an alternate way as well.

We will be inserting a content editor web part with an image for users to click. You want the image to be noticable. I picked a RED button, as my site is blue. It stands out like a sore thumb. First, download a picture for your button. I Google searched red button, and came up with a nice looking glossy button here.

Google Button

Google Button at Clker.Com

Now, I will go to a Sharepoint library and upload the image. You can put it in any directory you want.

Sharepoint Button

Sharepoint Button


Once it is uploaded, click the link untill you are at a page displaying just that image. Now, copy the internet address of that image.

Go to your home screen. Click Site Actions>Create. Click Survey. Customize the survey as you see fit- I will not describe this process here. For mine, I made a 3 question, radial choice survey asking which design users liked for our site, out of three themes we have recently used.

Now go to the home screen. Click Site Actions>Edit Page. This will make all of your web parts appear. Decide where you want this button to be, and click add web part (you can drag it around after). I replaced the default Image Web Part which is in the right hand column.

Add Content Editor

Add Content Editor


Add a Content Editor Web Part.

Content Editor Options

Content Editor Options

Now click the little arrow to modify the shared web part. The editor column appears on the right. Click Rich Text Editor. You are then presented with a blank box. On the toolbar, there is an Insert Picture icon. Click this.

Now paste the button address in the space for the address of your picture. For Alt text, I chose Push Me!

Now the picture is displayed in the text editor box. You can resize it, and add text under it if you wish. I added text saying “Take this one question survey about the design of our site!”.

Exit out of this for a moment. Now you will navigate to your created survey- it’s probably listed in the quick launch on the left. Click Respond To This Survey.

You will be looking at the first page of survey questions. Copy this web address from your browsers address bar.

Now hit home, and then again Site Settings>Edit Page>Modify Content Editor Web Part.

Then in the right column, click Source Editor. You will see the HTML code for your picture and text, it will look something like this:

<a href="http://companyweb/Lists/Site%20Design/NewForm.aspx?Source=http%3A%2F%2Fcompanyweb%2FLists%2FSite%2520Design%2Foverview%2Easpx"><img style="width: 178px; height: 173px;" src="http://companyweb/All%20IT%20Forms/Pictures/119498475589498995button-red_benji_park_01_svg_med.png" alt="Push Me!" width="190" height="173" /></a>
<div> </div>
<div><a href="http://companyweb/Lists/Site%20Design/NewForm.aspx?Source=http%3A%2F%2Fcompanyweb%2FLists%2FSite%2520Design%2Foverview%2Easpx">Click the Red Button to take a</a></div>
<div><a href="http://companyweb/Lists/Site%20Design/NewForm.aspx?Source=http%3A%2F%2Fcompanyweb%2FLists%2FSite%2520Design%2Foverview%2Easpx">quick Survey about Site Design!</a></div>

You are now going to add a link to the picture. Do this by adding an HTML link tag just before the beginning of the IMG tag. Remember we just copied it, so paste that address in between the “”.

Exit out of all of this, and you now have a bright red button on the side of your page, and when users click it they are taken directly to the survey.

Survey Look at Finish

Survey Look at Finish


Another method that I will briefly describe, is to use a splash page and redirection. Create a simple HTML page, and put a link in the middle. I did a white page with a red text link saying “Take Company Survey”. In the properties of that text link, aim it at the survey like we just did. Upload that site to companyweb using Sharepoint Designer or Visual Web. Now, I regulate users start page in the office, which is set to http://companyweb/default.aspx. Once I uploaded the new page as splash.html, I pointed their new home page at http://companyweb/splash.html.

When users logged in, they got that page with the link, which hinted at taking the survey. While it did not require they take the survey, it is a quick trick to get people attention. You could add validation controls that forced them to that site, and even add a fade page control that took them directly there. You could even set the company start page at the survey page if you wanted too- but this might be confusing.

Tons of options here to get the word out about a survey.

Credit to for providing me that image for internal use.