Download the Word Document: Connecting to the Network to Check Email Guide, much cleaner formatting.

This is a guide that I distribute to my users, describing how to connect the Remote Web Workplace from home, when they are first hired. Feel free to download the template and change it to fit your orginization. Items in brackets will need to be changed. 

Connecting to the Network to Check E-Mail

 Connecting to our network to check your ]]email is easy, simply follow these steps.

Start Menu

Start Menu

Go to a computer with internet access. This can be any computer, though its recommended that you do not use a public computer such as one connected to a hot spot at Panera Bread.

Click on the Start Menu on the lower left hand corner.

Click on Internet Explorer.

Once the web browser opens, click in the white address bar on the top of the screen.


Internet Explorer Address Bar
Internet Explorer Address Bar

Type in the following address:


(Alternately, you might be able to simply type [])

  • Notice the S at the end of HTTP. This stands for secure.







Remote Web Workplace Login

Remote Web Workplace Login

 You will be presented with a screen like this one.

Click the star icon in the top left of your browser to add a BOOKMARK.

User Name is your first name (i.e Chris)

Password is [Password]

After using this password one time you will be prompted to change it, at that point pick something you can remember easily (though not your name) and contains at least one number, one capital letter, and one symbol such as !, @, #, etc.

Remote Web Workplace

Remote Web Workplace

 Now you are in Remote Web Workplace, also called RWW.

 The screen will look like this:

 Notice the three buttons.

Click the Email Button. To skip RWW and go directly to email, when you type in the internet address of

[], add a /OWA to the end of it.

To log in, use your same user name and password again. Click ok on the timezone screen, you will only see it once.

Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access

Once you’re in Outlook Web Access:

BOLD items on the left or middle pane are unread emails.

Check all bold emails so they become read, and not bold. This will help you keep track of unread items.

To send mail, click the New Message button on the top bar.

When you are finished, click LOG OFF I the top left.

Then click Sign Out on the top left of RWW.

Please direct any questions, inquiries, or comments to [Network Administrator], or click on the ?View Help button on the right side of RWW.