You get a non-default setting when you run the Exchange 2007 BPA. It says:Disk timeout on server SOLACESERVER.solace.local is not set at the default of 10 seconds. This is normal if third-party storage software is installed. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

As the message says, if you use some type of storage software, leave this be. I do not use any of this software, so I want to change it back to default. not that it might cause damage, but if it shows up here then it is a possability. As always make sure you backup and do this on a test server or in mock. I have no test server and I am daring, so I am going to do it during lunch on a Wednesday.

The setting is documented here.

Microsoft tells us to:

To revert to the default configuration
1.Open a registry editor, such as Regedit.exe or Regedt32.exe.

2.Navigate to:


3.In the right pane, delete the TimeOutValue entry. Alternatively, double-click the TimeOutValue entry and set it to one of the following values:

On a non-clustered server, set the value to 10.

On a clustered server, set the value to 20.

If your hardware manufacturer recommends a different value for either a clustered or non-clustered system, use the value from your hardware manufacturer instead.

4.Close the registry editor, and then restart the computer for the change to take effect.

So let’s do what they tell us. Ill add some screen shots.

This is what the current registry entry looks like.

Before Change

Before Change

Double click it. Change to 10. It should look like this now:

After Change

After Change

I would like to point out this warning:

Installing host bus adapters (HBA) or other storage controllers can cause this key to be created and configured. When you install or reinstall these drivers, the TimeOutValue registry value is overwritten with the value that is required by those drivers. You may have to contact the hardware vendor to determine the correct TimeOutValue registry value for your configuration.

Read it carefully. I HAVE installed a HBA as well as a storage controller. I looked up the values for my HP Proliant, and they should be at thirty. I will leave this entry alone and safely ignore it from within the BPA.